Lad Irrigation Announces New Valley Pump Connect

Lad Irrigation is pleased to announce the availability of the Pump Connect from the Valley Water Management Group

by Greg Snook, CID

Not enough wires to control the pumps and equipment that you need to with your pivot panel? Pump Connect gives you the ability to control pumps and other equipment remotely without additional wires.

Valley Pump Connect

Save time and trips to the field by allowing your pivots control your pumps and other equipment. Save power by keeping constant end pressure on your systems regardless of flow rate and topography. Save the cost of trenching, plowing or pulling in additional control wires to an existing installation.

Lad Irrigation has several installations of Pump Connect in the Columbia Basin controlling equipment remotely where control wires were not available or had become damaged and unusable over time. Installation is simple and usually can be done in just a couple hours. Mount the water tight boxes at both ends and install 4 conductor motor lead between the Water Connect and control components.

What do you need to control?

  • Center pivot or Linear can control single pump or multiple pumps
  • Multiple pivots or linears can control same supply pump
  • Fertilizer/Chemical injection equipment
  • Control pump(s) with remote pressure or water level switches
  • Send pressure transducer reading from end tower to VFD
  • Electric valves and gates
  • Other?

Pump Connect


  • 900 mhz, 1 Watt, frequency hopping
  • Modular design allows for component replacement
  • Up to 48 radios per installation
  • Watertight 3R enclosure
  • Threading back plate for easy mounting
  • Diagnostic/service lights available

Is Pump Connect  a product that would fit your operational needs?