Rebuilding an ineffective pump station, a series:

Article One, by Douglas Muscott CID, Lad Irrigation Co

This is the first entry in a series showing how Lad Irrigation uses the latest construction methods and technology to modernize an existing orchard pumping plant and bring it up to current user friendly standards.

The task here is to keep all the existing functions of the current installation and add the latest pumping and control technology for ease of automatic operation. This installation carries the challenge of having three distinct functions as well as three two-way pipelines. Being an orchard installation, it provides frost protection, irrigation and cooling for the growers many varieties of fruit trees. Here we are going to show the beginning of the project which we have been studying for about four years to provide the best solution for the grower.

Pump Station


To the side you see the view looking at the overall site showing four centrifugal irrigation pumps and the electrical controls which will be updated and changed. The distribution pipelines which have been extensively modified over a period of several decades and will be updated and integrated into a unified system.




Pump Station

To the side you can see an overall view of the pump station. The water is delivered to a concrete box where two lift pumps lift it about six feet and drop it over stainless steel filter screens where the filtered water is made available to the four centrifugal pumps. Management is a huge issue here as the pumps must be operated in conjunction with the orchard blocks being irrigated and valved to the proper pressure. Counting the two lift pumps there are a total of six pumps to manage along with the three two-way pipelines. The completed project will have two pumps utilizing a VFD and level controls to operate the new pump station in full automatic mode.


Pump Station


To the side is another view of this pump station. Notice the water delivery from the canal and the tow lift pumps lifting it up into the screening box. Then there are the myriad of other pipelines running into and out of the pump plant. We are going to change all of this as future articles and photos will show.



The finished project will consist of a concrete screening box that is gravity fed and gravity to the return flow. The electrical will be converted from 230 Volt three phase to 460 volt three phase and the overhead electrical service will be converted to underground feed to the new electrical control center. A VFD controlling two short set turbine pumps operating on a pressure transducer and level control transducer will allow complete automatic operation of the system.