Rebuilding an ineffective pump station, a series:

Article Seven, by Douglas Muscott CID, Lad Irrigation Co


After the concrete has cured properly, the turbine pumps are set into the wet wells and connected to the discharge manifold. The filter manifold was fabricated in our fabrication shop using the cad drawings as the guide. Here you see the job starting to take final shape.



Above is a photo of the partially assembled pump station looking south. In the foreground is the concrete waterbox with our shop fabricated stainless steel screen installed. The water enters the structure on the left side, flows across the screen in a self-cleaning action and the return flow exits the structure on the right side of the photo. In the background are the two pumps with a spare wet well between them for future addition of capacity if needed.

Below is an elevation view looking west of the semi-assembled pump station. The discharge assembly is on temporary blocking while we finalize the leveling and locate the valve locations to be located on the clean water manifold.




In this view looking into the waterbox we see the stainless screen with the gasket material on the sides to protect the clean water chamber. The pump pad is on the left side of the photo. The water enters the structure at the near end of the photo and what is not pumped into the system overflows into the chamber at the far end of the photo.