Rebuilding an ineffective pump station, a series:

Article Six, by Douglas Muscott CID, Lad Irrigation Co

Today we poured the concrete pump pad and are opening up the ditch for the power conduit from the transformers to the meter base. We are putting a broom finish so the pad will be non-skid. All conduits and pipes are in and ready to set the pumps and discharge manifold.



Here you can see the three 16” well casing wet wells for the turbine pumps to set in. The 4” pipe is for a level control transducer that will connect to the VFD and prevent the pumps from over pumping the concrete water control structure. There are three small conduits, two for transducer conductors and one for area lighting for night operation.



Here is an overall view looking west of the waterbox, electrical control center and newly finished pump pad. After proper curing of the concrete we will set the prefabricated discharge manifold on the pad and support with tie-downs to weld plates poured into the concrete. The two outside wet wills will be cut off and flanged for turbine pump mounting and support.



This photo shows the water inlet from the weir blade of the water company to the waterbox supply pipe which is 14” well casing. The concrete crew formed new walls around the inlet structure and we will cut the pipe flush with the floor and weld on a rebar trash rack to keep large trash out of the waterbox. 4