Rebuilding an ineffective pump station, a series:

Article Three, by Douglas Muscott CID, Lad Irrigation Co

The concrete pumping structure in now poured and the steel fabricated turbine pump structure is installed and we are now ready for pump pad site preparation. Before we can backfill the structure and prepare the pad sub grade we must connect the pipelines that we cannot access once the backfilling and concrete are poured. The electrical controls will be all assembled and pre wired and set into position before the concrete pad is poured and all conduits must be in place.


Boom and Weilding Trucks

This view shows our boom truck and welding truck on the jobsite. The three pump chambers are the red primer vertical pipes in front of the concrete box. The black pipe between the two left verticals is the level transducer sensing pipe. In the background the ditch from the water company can be seen and water delivery takes place from the far side of the photo. In the foreground you can see the pressurized pipes that will connect to the discharge manifold.


Water Delivery of Pump Box

This view shows the water delivery side of the pump box. The far pipe is the inlet pipe from the supply ditch and is 14” heavy wall steel pipe. If you look closely you can see a knockout for another pipe to supply the box. This will be part of the two way pipeline system and connect to other pipes. The near pipe is 8” heavy wall pipe and it returns water not pumped, to be captured and re-used at another pump site. All our field fabrication is welded with the wire feed welder seen at the far left of the photo.


Delivery Side Looking Towards the Pump

This view is from the delivery side of the box looking toward the pump chambers and the incoming power line. The pipelines that will connect to the pressurized clean water manifold can be seen in the mid-background. The black vertical pipe at the far right is an air vent for the return flow pipeline. The electrical controls will be placed at the far right of the photo as the finished pump pad will extend four feet to the right of the concrete water box.



This project is now ready for backfill on the pump pad side of the structure. We will bring our excavator in with a vibratory hoe-pack and replace the soil removed and trucked out. The finish grade will be established and prepared for the setting of the electrical controls and in-pad electrical conduits. We will then pour and finish the pad with appropriate pour-in plates to support the discharge filters and manifold.