Rebuilding an ineffective pump station, a series:

Article Two, by Douglas Muscott CID, Lad Irrigation Co

Following the decision by the customer to replace the existing pumping plant with a new state of the art installation, we began the site preparation by demolishing the existing installation. We have new construction plans in place and after calling for a power disconnect from the power provider we prepared the site for the first concrete pour, the new concrete pumping structure.


Mechanical and Electrical Demolition

With the mechanical and electrical demolition done, we begin to prepare the site with our excavator. Note the old meter pole in the foreground. It is going away as the new electrical service will be underground to the new electric meter. We have the lazerplane all set up as the grades have all been determined by the cad drawings generated from our preconstruction meeting. We are leaving the existing pressure pipelines pending completion of the new pump pad at which time they will be excavated and re-plumbed to the new discharge manifold.


Removal of Old Pipe

All pipe previously connected to the old pump station is removed to give us a “clean floor” for the new construction. The right tool for the job, in this case a new excavator with a lot of power makes short work of this part of the site preparation. The existing concrete box shown here is removed as well to make way for the nine foot deep hole that the new concrete waterbox will be built in.


Trucking the Spoil from the Excavation

The site has very tight working clearances so we have to truck all the spoil from the excavation away from the site to allow access for the trades following to build the different phases of the project. Here we are loading the truck with dirt removed from our nine foot deep hole and moving it away so it does not impede access to the next phase of construction.



We are now ready to move to the next step of construction which is the pouring on the monolithic concrete pump structure and the setting of the fabricated steel wet well pump structure. After the concrete is poured, the pipefitters and crane operators will deliver and set the structure and install the inlet and outlet of the pump station.