Lad Irrigation Announces New Valley VFlex Corner

Lad Irrigation is pleased to announce the availability of the new Valley VFlex Corner.
by Douglas Muscott 

The new Valley VFlex Corner has been in development since 2009 and was extensively tested at the Valley test site and at customer sites during the 2012 and 2013 irrigation seasons. Lad Irrigation has installed two units this spring with remarkable results.


The VFlex Corner features an 8000 series 6″ Span, a new and improved track and roller joint, and a completely redesigned steerable drive unit. The same simple and reliable start-stop controls used on the Valley Corner are also included in the new VFlex Corner. However, a number of new features and options are added to allow you to customize the corner to fit the specific needs of your farm and field. These features include:

Track-and-Roller-JointTrack and Roller Joint

  • “T-Bar” style cradle mount for improved corner span stability on rough ground and high winds.
  • Larger, top grease-able guide rollers and larger main rollers with wear plates for improved cradle durability and ease of maintenance.
  • New run-cycle box with ball bearings and a molded plastic cam for improved durability.

Span and Steerable Drive Unit

  • Span-and-Steerable-Drive-UnitCompletely redesigned steerable drive unit for strength and durability –
  • 8-5/8″ heavy-wall base beam
  • X-braced legs
  • Dual tower supports

Three span length choices –

  • 185′ 6″ span, 82′ overhang
  • 205′ 6″ span, 82′ overhang
  • 205′ 6″ span, 100′ overhang*

* Requires electronic sequencing.

Sprinkler sequences are the same as the Precision Corner with two different available


  • Mechanical sequencing utilizes a cam box much like the one used on the Valley Mechanical Corner.
  • Electronic sequencing uses the same Area-Based algorithm as the Precision Corner.

TechsThis option has a feature to allow Lad Irrigation or you to easily enter angle or  position** based overrides to customize the sequencing to a grower’s particular field.

** Requires GPS position or guidance.

Additional Options

  • Swiveling outlet minimizes stress on the transfer hose (fixed outlet standard).
  • Single or Dual Steering Gearboxes in either Standard-Duty or Heavy-Duty.
  • Inverted Corner (requires the swiveling outlet and electronic sequencing).

Wire or GPS Guidance.

  • 18.4R26 radial tires for additional flotation. Can be operated as low as 10 psi.