Leadership in Pump System Design

Lad Irrigation started out as a pump installation company back in 1957.  Since then, we have built a reputation for excellence in pump station design and installation.  Whether you pump from a deep well, canal, or pond, we will design a pump station to your specific application and hydraulic conditions.  We construct all pump stations to the highest standards of build quality, functionality, and electrical safety--all to provide reliable operation well into the future.

Lad Irrigation is proud to employ the most-experienced and knowledgeable turbine pump installation crew in the region.  We would be happy to earn your deep-well pump business through our expertise in all phases of the design and installation process!


Maximize Energy Efficiency with a VFD

Ever-increasing power costs are causing many farmers to look for ways to save on utility bills.  One solution is a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) connected to a modern, high-efficiency pump and motor.  By decreasing power to the pump at below-peak operating conditions, the VFD can provide significant energy savings when properly integrated into your irrigation pump system.

Lad Irrigation is proud to sell and service Yaskawa brand variable-frequency drives, which can be used in a wide variety of irrigation and water-supply applications.  We offer the following VFD services:

  • Application-specific product specification and design

  • Full installation including programming of all necessary operating conditions and paramaters

  • Annual check-ups and routine maintenance

Our close relationship with our VFD supplier gives us a resource to address virtually any issue.

To find out how a VFD could benefit your operation, contact Lad Irrigation, or visit the sales staff at any of our three locations.

Your Pump Repair Destination

To round out our full pump services, Lad Irrigation also has a fully-equipped pump repair shop.  Our dedicated pump repairmen can repair and rebuild your turbine and centrifugal pumps to improve their performance and prolong their service life.