In the Columbia Basin, water is the lifeblood of agricultural production.  Our goal is to supply you with the equipment, technology, and design expertise to make the best use of that water--to improve your yields, efficiency, and bottom line.

Center Pivots & Water Application

Lad Irrigation is a leading dealer of Valley center pivots--the best-selling brand in pivot irrigation.  We complement these machines with sprinkler packages to make the best use of your water.

Pump Stations & VFD

An efficient and responsive pump is the heart of an effective irrigation system.  Lad Irrigation can tailor a pump station to your irrigation needs, and can boost your efficiency by employing a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD).

Turbine Pumps

Lad Irrigation is the Columbia Basin leader for the design and installation of deep-well turbine pumps.


The Lad Irrigation design staff has the expertise to meet the special demands of orchards and vineyards, while staying conscious of efficiency, water conservation, and cost-effectiveness.

Repair Parts

From pivot, pump, and electrical supplies to pipe, sprinklers, and controllers—and everything in between—Lad is your source for the parts you need to make the most of your irrigation investment.

Used Equipment

If used irrigation equipment better suits your budget or needs,  Lad Irrigation may be able to help.  We carry a stock of used and consignment pumps, and can source used center pivots.  Please contact us for assistance with used-equipment inquiries.

To match our full line of agricultural irrigation products, we offer an equally impressive array of services--from design and financing to installation and maintenance.  Find out more about our services, or contact us today!