New Technology

Valley Icon Smart Panel

New for 2017, the Valley ICON line of smart control panels represents a leap forward in technology and functionality.  Four different models are available to match the needs of virtually any operation.  Features and benefits of the ICON panels include:

-Intuitive navigation
-Touchscreen, push-button, or Wi-fi control options
-AgSense enabled from the factory
-BaseStation 3 compatibility
-VRI capability (select models)
-Cable theft monitoring
-Can be retrofitted to older Valley or competitive pivots & panels
-Industry-leading 5-year warranty

For more information about the Valley ICON smart panel, please contact or visit any Lad Irrigation store, or visit the Valley ICON website.

Nelson Rotator Low-Pressure Olive Plate

Farmers interested in increasing watering effectiveness and decreasing energy consumption, now have another solution to meet both needs.  Lad Irrigation is proud to offer the Nelson R3030 Rotator® sprinkler with the low-pressure olive plate.  This new plate provides the Rotator's trademark throw and uniformity, at a lower operating pressure of 10-15 PSI versus 20+ PSI with other Rotator plates.  The lower pressure requirement can help you save on pumping costs over time, and may even allow you to step down the size of your pump.

For more information, please visit the Nelson Irrigation website

Valley X-Tec Center Drive Motor

For the ultimate combination of speed, power, and versatility, check out the Valley X-Tec™ center drive motor.  X-Tec™ is an advanced, heavy-duty DC motor capable of rotational speeds of 1 to 136 RPM, and available for 7000 and 8000 Series center pivots.

-Constant movement and advanced alignment reduce stress on the structure and drive train.
-Full motor torque at all speeds overcomes difficult terrain.
-Allows a 1/4 mile center pivot to complete a full circle in 4 hours--twice as fast as a standard drive motor.
-May allow for application of more chemicals through the pivot, vs. using a sprayer or crop duster.
-Great for crops (e.g. potatoes, onions, carrots) and situations (seed germination, chemigation) that require frequent, light water applications.

Learn more at your nearest Lad Irrigation store or at the Valley Irrigation website!

Valley Revolution Airless Tire

Lad Irrigation is proud to offer the Valley Revolution airless center pivot tire.  The Revolution, available in a 15 x 47 size (equivalent to a 14.9 x 24 pneumatic tire) uses an aperture design pioneered on industrial equipment.  The tire's construction provides flexibility to tackle rocky and uneven field conditions, while its deep non-directional tread provides excellent traction.

Best of all, the Revolution tire eliminates the downtime, expense, and hassle that come with flat tires.  Think of the benefits of not having to change a flat (and possibly a whole tower's drive train) in a muddy field of 10-foot corn in August.

Please visit Valley Irrigation to learn more about the Revolution tire.

Nelson 3NV Nozzle

With the versatile, easy-to-use 3NV nozzle and the companion 3030 Series sprinkler body, Nelson Irrigation takes pivot irrigation management to a new level.  The 3NV nozzle provides on/off, line and nozzle flush, quick-change, and dual-nozzle capabilities in a single package, designed to give the farmer maximum ease of use with individual sprinklers.  The 3NV nozzle is available with all new Nelson pivot sprinklers, and can be retrofitted to 3000 Series sprinklers currently using the 3TN nozzle.

More information from Nelson Irrigation

For more information on these and other new irrigation products, visit or contact Lad Irrigation today!