Keep up with the rapid technological advances of the 21st century, with a wide variety of advanced technology designed to make your operation more efficient through labor savings, water and energy conservation, and remote monitoring and control.

Valley Pump Connect & Drive Connect

Valley Pump Connect allows for automatic pump control without burying control wires from the pump to the center pivot.  When the pivot panel calls for "Water On", Pump Connect sends a 900 MHz, frequency-hopping radio signal from the pivot to start the pump.  More Pump Connect features:

-Green and Red indicator lights provide pump operation status at a glance.
-Multiple-device capability:  control one pump from multiple pivots.

For farmers using variable-frequency drives (VFD), Valley also offers Drive Connect.  Drive Connect uses similar hardware to Pump Connect and a wireless pressure transducer to control your VFD and pump from any location on the water system.


AgSense is a subscription-based remote management solution with multiple levels of service, making it easy to tailor a system to your management needs.

The AgSense Field Commander is a GPS-driven management tool that provides real-time information and alerts to your phone or computer.  It is transferable between machines and compatible with center pivots of any brand, model, and vintage, making it ideal for farmers who operate older equipment, or renters whose land base may change from year to year.

AgSense ICON Link is factory-standard equipment for all ICON control panels.  It provides the full suite of AgSense remote management services, equivalent to the former Commander VP, including remote monitoring & control, record-keeping, and speed/sector-based VRI.  

BaseStation 3 users can access and control both the Field Commander and ICON Link through the BS3 platform.

AgSense and the cloud-based WagNet network offer a full suite of comprehensive farm management.  To find out more, please visit or contact Lad Irrigation, or visit the AgSense website.

Variable Rate Irrigation

Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) technology can improve crop yields, improve water-use efficiency, and reduce over-watering in certain areas of your field.  An agronomist creates VRI prescriptions for each of your fields using field data including terrain, soil type, and EC, and uploads them to the machine's control panel, AgSense or BaseStation3.

Valley center pivots with computerized control panels can easily be equipped with VRI Speed Control—which varies the machine's speed over up to 180 sectors of the field; or VRI Zone Control, which integrates shutoff valves for banks of sprinklers—great for decreasing water application in appropriate areas of the field, or shutting it off entirely when crossing over canals or undeveloped ground.

Contact Lad Irrigation or visit the Valley Irrigation VRI webpage to find out more.

Valley Icon Panel

New for 2017, the Valley ICON line of smart control panels represents a leap forward in technology and functionality.  Four different models are available to match the needs of virtually any operation.  Features and benefits of the ICON panels include:

-Intuitive navigation
-Touchscreen, push-button, or Wi-fi control options
-AgSense enabled from the factory
-BaseStation 3 compatibility
-VRI capability (select models)
-Cable theft monitoring
-Can be retrofitted to older Valley or competitive pivots & panels
-Industry-leading 5-year warranty

For more information about the Valley ICON smart panel, please contact or visit any Lad Irrigation store, or visit the Valley ICON website.

Valley BaseStation3

Valley Irrigation's exclusive BaseStation3 is a state-of-the-art remote management system for irrigation equipment.  Using a farm-based server specifically designed for your operation, you can monitor and control equipment from a computer, tablet, or smartphone using the BaseStation3 software, and Android or iOS native apps.

The intuitive BaseStation3 interface provides you with full control of your machines, up-to-the-minute status updates, and alerts for start-up, shutdown, or faults.  By knowing what all of your pivots are doing - and which ones might need your attention - you can better manage your operation.

BaseStation3 also offers capability for Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI); pump and VFD monitoring and control; soil moisture monitoring; and easy upgrading to keep pace with growth and change in your operation.  In addition, machines equipped with AgSense can be remote-managed through the BaseStation3 platform.

For more information, visit or contact Lad Irrigation, or visit the Valley BaseStation3 web page.