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Moses Lake Agricultural Irrigation Systems

Moses Lake Irrigation Systems from Lad Irrigation Company – Also Serving Othello, George, and Ellensburg

You’ve got a lot riding on the functionality and dependability of your irrigation systems.  Whether you utilize a commercial irrigation system or a residential irrigation system, it is an investment in your property and livelihood.

Here at Lad Irrigation Company, we offer a full range of products and services designed to meet your irrigation needs, and we back it up with the finest customer care in the industry.  You understand the unique nature of your agricultural landscape or residence better than anyone, so our goal is to provide you with irrigation equipment perfectly tailored to your situation so that you get the most bang for your buck. Our Moses Lake agricultural irrigation systems can be designed around any set of circumstances, for any type of crop, in any environment.

We offer first rate service and care for customers seeking:

  • Othello Agricultural Irrigation Systems
  • George Agricultural Irrigation Systems
  • Ellensburg Agricultural Irrigation Systems

When we design a system we consider all of the variables, such as groundcover, trees and shrubs, soil type, land forms, lawn and landscape areas. We meet your pump and irrigation demands by addressing your needs, and allaying your concerns.

Moses Lake Agricultural Irrigation Systems that are Built to Last

You depend on your commercial irrigation systems for your livelihood, so the products you use must be reliable and built to withstand the elements. Our primary goal is to supply you with the best commercial agricultural irrigation products on the market today, and if something goes awry, provide you with quick and efficient customer care so that your operations don’t miss a beat.

We offer the following commercial agricultural products:

  • Valley Pivots – For precision irrigation needs, our pivots are hot-dip galvanized and field tested for a combination of strength and reliability.
  • Sprinklers and Sprinkler Packages – We specialize in precision water irrigation systems including energy efficient sprinkler packages that utilize low-pressure technology.
  • A Complete Line of Irrigation System Repair Parts – Pipes, electrical supplies, valves, pivot parts, irrigation controllers, spray heads, and pumps – we have it all.
  • Pump Stations – We’ve been in the pump station business since 1957. When it comes to this crucial aspect of Moses Lake Irrigation Systems, you can trust our design and installation specialists.
  • Variable Frequency Drives – Your agricultural irrigation system must keep up with technological advances to stay competitive. We can design, install and service your VFD’s and irrigation controllers, providing you with solutions that work.
  • Orchard and Vineyard Products – Orchards and Vineyards have special agricultural irrigation demands that must be met in a cost effective way. When designing these systems we always consider how to achieve maximum efficiency and conservation.
  • Used Equipment – From pumps to commercial irrigation equipment, we offer a full spectrum of used agricultural equipment. 

Not only do we have the equipment for your Irrigation Systems in the Moses Lake, Othello, George & Ellensburg areas, we also provide all of the services that make us a full-service operation. We can handle the design, installation, repair, and maintenance of your agricultural irrigation systems, and we offer insurance and financing options. Contact us now for all of your commercial irrigation needs.


Moses Lake Irrigation Systems

Moses Lake Irrigation Systems for your Home

We are proud to offer residential irrigation systems for landscapes, and well systems to meet the water demands of your household.

Residential irrigation requires the same attention to detail as does agricultural irrigation, and our first step is to define your landscape irrigation needs so that we can design a watering system that is both reliable and cost efficient. We also ensure that our residential irrigation customers remain fully informed throughout this process, and offer wholesale prices for clients that have the know-how to do it themselves.

We provide personalized service and care for residential clients seeking

  • Othello Irrigation Systems
  • Ellensburg Irrigation Systems
  • George Irrigation Systems

Our automated sprinkler systems can cut your current water usage by up to 50 percent, if you are currently watering your lawn by hand or with a store-bought sprinkler. No matter what type of landscape you have, we have an irrigation system that will meet your needs.
When it comes to your home water system, reliability is a must. From standard pressure tank systems to the new constant pressure systems, we are confident that we can fully address the water demands of your family. We offer same day service in almost all cases, and even have 500 gallon water trailers when temporary service is needed.

Contact us Today, and Put Decades of Experience to Work for You

We are the Columbia Basin industry leader for agricultural and residential irrigation systems, serving Othello, Ellensburg, and George in the Moses Lake area. Contact us today and discover how we can meet your watering and irrigation needs from start to finish, and make sure the grass is greener on your side of the fence.